Zipper Ring Tutorial

I love big statement rings, especially ones you can make yourself. This zipper ring is so easy to make and I think it came out great. You need very little supplies and you don’t need to know how to make jewelry. Give it a try!

The only materials you need are:
A ring base (I found a pack of them at Jo-Ann Stores)
A small piece of black felt
A 9″ metal zipper. (You’ll get 2 rings from the zipper, so if you have a second ring base you can make 2!) I used a black, all purpose one with silver teeth that I found at Jo-Ann’s as well. It had a little sticker on it that said “coats”.

You will also need scissors and a glue gun.

The first step to making this ring is to unzip the zipper and cut off the bottom with your scissors to separate the two pieces.

Now trim off the fabric as close to the metal zipper as possible.

You may need to snip even closer a second time once you remove the fabric. Hold one end of the zipper with one hand and take your other hand and pull down from top to bottom to remove any frays. Start coiling the zipper, making sure the beginning is nice and tight.

As you coil the rest, hold the coil flat with your thumb and forefinger. As you coil, keep it close with some tension, but not as tight as when you began. If it’s too tight, the coil will not stay flat.

Once you get to the last row, apply a thin line of glue with your glue gun to the last 1/2 inch. Make sure you don’t glop it on or it will show and be hard to get off the zipper teeth. If your coil keeps coming apart at this step, you can glue at intervals but make sure you only use thin glue applications that won’t show. Sorry that pic is so blurry!

When your zipper coil is finished, cut out a circle from the felt that is a little smaller than the coil. Glue the felt onto the underside of your zipper coil with your glue gun. Now glue it to your ring base and you are finished!

See how easy that was? You can totally do this.

Any questions, please feel free to ask!

8 thoughts on “Zipper Ring Tutorial

  1. this is soooo creative! i should have voted u for the Kreativ award. i just realise i have another and am wondering if i can still claim it and vote u! 😀

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