Banana-Fudge Pudding Pops

I am paying homage to one of my favorite treats off the ice cream truck: The Fudge Bomb Pop. I have not seen it anywhere for a long time, though it still shows up on the bomb pop’s website. I took a recipe for homemade pudding pops and adapted it to fit my craving for this yummy treat! If you have not had one before, it’s basically a fudgesicle with a creamy banana flavored layer.

This comes together so easily and you’ll be able to make any flavor combinations you like! All you need is instant pudding mix, milk, and Cool Whip…plus either a popsicle mold or small cups and popsicle sticks. My popsicle mold is junk (note to self: get new one.) because the pops barely make it out of the molds alive. Usually the stick pops out leaving the treat stuck in the mold, unless I run it under water melting the whole thing! All I had on hand were 5 oz. paper cups and plastic spoons so that’s what I used. My pudding pop above would have been a whole lot prettier had the molds behaved. Oh well…who cares how it looks? It’s yummy regardless. Make some and see for yourself!

Banana Fudge Pudding Pops (adapted from Kraft’s Pudding Pops)
1 package (3-4 oz.) JELL-O Chocolate Fudge Instant Pudding Mix
1 package (3-4 oz.) JELL-O Banana Cream Instant Pudding Mix
4 cups milk (I wouldn’t use skim milk for this…I used 1%, but 2% is fine also)
1-2 cups* Cool Whip non-dairy whipped topping (see note)

*Note: If you want a more flavorful pop, use 1/2 cup Cool Whip per flavor. If you want a creamier pop, use 1 cup Cool Whip per flavor. I used 1 cup per flavor because I miss JELL-O pudding pops and love the creamier texture, but I know I missed out on a little bit of the banana and fudge flavor because of this!

Get two medium sized bowls. In one bowl, add the chocolate fudge pudding mix and 2 cups milk. Whisk together until well combined. In another bowl, add the banana cream pudding mix and 2 cups milk. Whisk together until well combined. To each flavor, add in either 1/2 cup or 1 cup Cool Whip. (See note above.) Stir each to combine so you don’t see any white streaks from the Cool Whip. Spoon into your popsicle molds or cups, but alternate the flavors to make layers. I used two different spoons for this. Put your sticks, plastic spoons, or the other part of your mold in the pops and freeze for about 5 hours. (To remove, you might have to run a little warm water on the outside of your cup or mold to get it out.) Enjoy!

So, did you like the Fudge Bomb Pop, too? What was/is your favorite treat off the ice cream truck? (I sometimes would deviate and get the Screwball…)

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