Bird’s Nest Ring Tutorial

With the arrival of spring, now is the perfect time to learn how to make this bird’s nest ring! It’s really quite easy, even if you’ve never made any jewelry before. Last year I made a bird’s nest necklace as a birthday gift for my Mom and I got the tutorial here. She really likes her birds and I thought it would make a nice gift. This is how it came out:

My daughter loved it as well and asked me to make her one. The one I made for my Mom had larger beads (8 mm I think), so I bought some smaller beads to use for her necklace. When I was making hers, I thought it would make a cute ring and whipped up yet another nest to use for my ring.

I used turquoise colored beads because they resemble robins’ eggs, but you can use any color you wish. I think the silver wire looks nice with the blue, but again, use any color wire you like.

These are the supplies you will need to make one ring:

Ring base, three 6 mm beads, 24 gauge jewelry wire, round nose pliers and needle nose pliers. It really helps to have the round nose pliers, but you can get by without them if you don’t want to buy them. You will need the needle nose pliers at least. If you plan on making your own jewelry in the future, I recommend getting a tool kit that would contain the 3 essential tools: Needle nose pliers, round nose pliers and side cutters (wire cutters).

Here are two additional tools that are good to have, but not necessary:

Long needle nose pliers and side cutters/wire cutters.

Let’s get started…
Using the cutting part of your pliers (or wire cutters) cut a length of wire about 18″-20″ long.
(That part of the pliers below the ridges is the cutter.)

Thread your 3 beads onto one end of the wire and using your round nose pliers make a loop to hold your beads in place. This can be done with the needle nose pliers, but won’t look as rounded.

Slide beads to the loop you just made and form them into a “circle”.

Now you are going to hold the beads in between your thumb and index finger and wrap the wire around the “sides” of the beads. Keep the wire as round and as tight as you can, and also try to keep the nest flat and not too bumpy so that it sits well on your ring base. (I know, I’m asking a lot here, aren’t I??)

When you have enough wire around your nest and you are happy with how it looks, cut off the rest of the wire, leaving a little bit to hook on to the nest you’ve made. Wrap this around the side of your nest a few times and secure it with your pliers.

Now you are ready to wrap the edges. I think it looks best with 3, but you can do less if you prefer. Cut a 4″-6″ section of wire for each wrap. Using your round nose pliers (or needle nose pliers), make a hook to slip onto the nest. Start winding it around the edge of the nest and through it, almost like you’re sewing. Keep this tight with each go around. You do not want to get in the middle with the beads…just wrap the wire edge of the nest. Decide which side will be the bottom because you’ll want to end all your wraps on the bottom. You want to have a nice, pretty side!

When you are satisfied with your “wraps”, cut off the excess wire and hook it in the bottom somewhere with your pliers.

It should look something like this:

By the way, I used a 20 gauge (thicker) wire for the nest and 24 gauge (thinner) for the 3 wraps. The 24 gauge is much easier to work with so I’d recommend that size wire unless you are used to working with it.

Grab a hot glue gun and glue the nest to your ring base. I had to file down my ring base first because the edges of the base stuck out a little (it was oval shaped and not round). Hopefully you will find a nice small round ring base. And that’s it!

If you prefer, you can attach a jump ring to the nest and use it as a necklace instead. Once you get the hang of it, they are really easy to make and you’ll want to make a few of them for your friends and family! I’m so happy Sarah Ortega showed me how to do this. If anything is not clear, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Happy Wiring!

Jelly Bean Bracelet

Who doesn’t love those candy necklaces and bracelets that let you wear a sweet snack? Anytime you feel the urge, you can just reach down and bite off a piece of candy! These jelly bean bracelets are made with the same idea and would make a nice little gift tucked into an Easter basket. Wrap in a cellophane bag tied with a ribbon and you’re done!

Here is what you need:

Jellybeans (Make sure they are regular sized ones, and not the little Jelly Belly ones.)

Elastic cord (found in the jewelry aisle of craft stores)

Large needle (It needs to be a thick, heavy duty one that won’t bend when you go through the jelly beans. You can get an idea of the size from the photo below — sorry I don’t know what size mine is…)

Damp paper towel (not shown)

(Optional) Ribbon

Here’s how to make it:

Cut off about 18-24″ of elastic cord. It’s more than you will actually need but you want to have enough to easily tie the ends when you are finished. Thread about 4″ through your need as shown below.

Hold a jelly bean so it’s longer from top to bottom and stick the needle all the way through it. Sometimes this gets a little tough, but you can stick it in there to start and then put the needle head (eye) on a piece of cardboard and pull the jelly bean down and through the needle. Do not stab yourself. Blood and jelly beans do not go well together.

Thread the jelly bean all the way to the other end of the cord, leaving about 4″ to tie it and still leaving that 4″ from the needle. (Does that make sense?) Now grab your damp paper towel and wipe the needle. You want to wipe the needle after every jelly bean you add. It’s gets too sticky otherwise. Make sure the jelly beans are close together without gaps. You don’t want to see the elastic cord.

I added ribbon to mine, but you don’t have to do that. For a larger bracelet, I used 12 jellybeans and tied a ribbon after each set of 4. For a smaller bracelet, I used 9 jelly beans and tied the ribbon after each set of 3. My daughter is 8 years old and the smaller size was good for her.
Small – 9 jelly beans, 3 ribbons
Large – 12 jelly beans, 4 ribbons

When you have them all strung and there are no gaps, you are ready to tie the ends together. I just tie it together with a regular knot and then repeat it 3 times so it’s nice and secure.

My daughter barely let me take a photo of the finished project before she claimed it
and ate it.

What do you think? Will you make one? How many jelly beans will you eat in the process?
(Those speckled pastel ones are mighty tasty, by the way…)

Happy Jelly Bean Stabbing!